NewTran Solutions
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About Us

NewTran Solutions is currently licensed to practice engineering in Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico and maintains a membership with the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying, NCEES, to expedite licensure in other states. Additionally, our staff is certified by the Institute of Transportation Engineers as both a Professional Traffic Operations Engineer and a Professional Transportation Planner. NewTran’s senior project managers have at least 10 years of project management and design experience and/or master's level or graduate engineering training. We encourage our engineering staff to pursue graduate level engineering education.  This more than doubles an engineer's formal professional coursework and has been endorsed by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

NewTran Solutions is certified in the following pre-construction categories:

  • Sub-area/Corridor Planning
  • Land Planning/Engineering
  • Major Investment Studies
  • Route Studies & Schematic Design – Minor Roadways
  • Route Studies & Schematic Design – Major Roadways
  • Route Studies & Schematic Design – Complex Highways
  • Minor Bridge Layouts
  • Minor Roadway Design
  • Major Roadway Design
  • Highway-Rail Grade Crossings
  • Hydrologic Studies
  • Basic Hydraulic Design
  • Complex Hydraulic Design

Our project teams will typically include highly knowledgeable and experienced specialty subconsultants from small, local, client-focused firms.  This approach allows us to minimize our aggregate operating costs, focus on our individual disciplines and bring significant value to our clients.  Modern communication technologies will allow each team to manage the work effectively with minimal cost and delays.  This "project team" approach will also support the identification of optimal solutions while minimizing in-house biases.  We have also developed strong working relationships with major resource heavy firms which could be utilized as needed to satisfy any project requirement.