NewTran Solutions
              Improving Transportation Systems



NewTran Solutions
is a Civil Engineering Firm with over 25 years of engineering, planning, project/program management and construction experience including CIP management, major investment/planning/corridor studies, interstates, U.S. highways, state highways, county roads, municipal streets, military bases, land developments and private and public utilities.  We customize each project team, which may include specialists from partnering firms, to effectively fulfill all project requirements.  This teaming approach allows us to
  • remain relatively small and client-focused within a defined market area; 
  • minimize operating costs, which are passed on to clients;
  • maximize discipline expertise within our identified service offerings;
  • identify optimal solutions;
  • and provide an excellent value to our clients. 

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Transportation master plans, corridor and alignment studies
  • Traffic studies (mobility, crash and access management)
  • Complete streets multimodal corridor studies and design recommendations
  • Highway Capacity Manual Level-of-Service studies
  • Traffic impact studies, signal warrant analysis and signal optimization
  • Project/program management     
  • Conceptual and detailed roadway construction plans and cost estimates
  • Roadway standard bridge/culvert, storm drainage distribution/detention
  • CIP management and preparation of funding applications
  • Pavement condition assessments and maintenance planning
  • Value engineering and constructability reviews
  • Construction cost estimating, sequencing and scheduling
  • Attend/facilitate meetings with public/consultants/contractors
  • Prepare and maintain project schedules
  • Prepare/review record drawings
  • Coordinate and oversee necessary utility relocations

NewTran Solutions is committed to finding and implementing the best solutions for our clients.  Our philosophy is simple:

1.    Client Satisfaction
            Maintain the client's budget and schedule through excellent products
            and services.

2.    Winning With People
            Exciting, professionally satisfying, growth oriented work environment
            and strong strategic alliances with supporting organizations.

3.    Continual Improvement
            ISO 9000 approach to continual improvement in our products
            processes and services.

4.    Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions
            Identify and implement optimal context sensitive solutions for our